Nozzle Turning Black

Hello, am I supposed to be worried about my Lulzbot Mini nozzle turning black? It was shiny when it came with it but after a couple of prints, it started turning black.

If it is a problem, how do I clean it?

Here is how it looks like. Clck into it to see the full image in the right rotation.

Same here… ?

If you are printing with ABS you can very carefully clean it with acetone and a very mildly abrasive disposable cloth. If you are printing PLA, I have no idea what Eats PLA to remove residue with.

Could try scraping with a dental pick… If the works maybe a dremel with a wire-brush bit.

If it is pla, a lot of that will come off by heating the nozzle to printing temps and wiping it with a cotton swab.

SCIGRIP 4 10308 Acrylic Solvent Cement will dissolve PLA. I clean my clogged nozzles with it. I just drop the nozzles in the can overnight.