Comprehensive List of TAZ Modifications

Awesome, thanks for this list. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, some of the projects are using proprietary licenses. I don’t see licenses for all projects, but some are definitely out. Specifically, these have proprietary licenses:

Direct E3DV6 mount By: Wolfie
Parts are under a proprietary license.

SD Card Holder By: pablopeza

Dial Indicator mount By: Wolfie

TAZ hexagon Hotend 40mm Fan Mount By: tmorris9

Wolfie has violated our licensing terms in the past, by taking our freely released files and put them under a non-free license. I didn’t look to see if that was done in the above objects too.

Perhaps the non-free items could be removed from the list or put on another thread (preferably in another forum).



I didn’t even look at licensing when i was putting that list together. I have removed the objectionable parts from the list since it is your forum and I want to comply with the forum rules.

I am kind of torn on removing a couple of those though. Take the SD card for example. It is a proprietary license, but at the same time it wasn’t a part generated from a Lulzbot produced file. The license it was under would allow a given forum user to print and use that part without restriction or cost. They just couldn’t modify or sell them, which definitly doesn’t make it open source, but it is still a part made to fit a TAZ that someone on the forum might have a need for. The main reason I put this list together was to get a comprehensive overview of what types of parts out there already exist, so I know where and where not to focus my development efforts. By removing those non open source parts from the list someone might spend time remaking a similar part when they could have been working on something else. I’ve removed it anyways to conform to the forum rules, but I’m kind of ambivalent about doing so.

Actually, there are no forum rules saying NC can’t be posted. Copyright law does have say in the copyright violations. Not all of the NC posts were also copyright violations, just some of them.

I have yet to ever take down a post in around 20 years of admining various forums, lists, websites, streams, & whatnot (excepting blatant spam). You can certainly keep up the list in any form, but I definitely appreciate the non-free stuff getting yanked. By mixing in with free and open, people can unknowinlgy use proprietary code when they presume it is free. People deliberately mix in non-free components to undermine communities as well. It is something we need to stand on guard to prevent.

I read this as “by having a list of only open source parts, people that don’t find an open source part will spend time creating one”. This is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the list and all the hacking! :slight_smile:


Heads up, I tried a few links out, and the first one for the x axis open rail links to a thread about duct fan mounting. I just searched the forum for x axis open rail project and found the proper thread. But maybe update the link?

Thanks, and great work putting this togethr, there are a number of these I will implement.

Huh, thats emberrasing, the openrail one is my project too so you would think I would get that one right. Will be fixed momentarily. Thanks for the heads up!

Awesome list!

Under enclosures, you are missing the one I have made available.

and its related fume filter

The lulzbot people have asked that I only include fully open source parts on the list (see above). The Non commercial license you have selected for those parts does not meet that criteria at the moment. For visibility purposes, you might consider changing the license on one of the parts, or making a new fully open source accessory that links to those other parts then I can put that on the list.

Here is my remix of the Raspberry Pi extension cover. License should be fine. It allows a RPi 2 to mount with no modifications.

Added it to the list, Thanks!

More things for the list now. Also fixed a handful of links and some spelling. Probably made other spelling worse. It’s what I do.

Anyone have any upcoming projects they want to add to the “coming soon!” section?

Here’s my enclosure:

I’m looking for an upgrading a taz 3/4 to a reprap discount hexagon thread. Thank You!

Here you go:

There is also a Taz 4 proceedural in there as well. Main difference is going to be the firmware and which control box you have. The Taz 4 has the large round Extruder cable plugs on top and a DB25 external LCD disconnect. The Taz 3 has all the cables running out the bottom of the control box. The controller card and plug locations are pretty much identical in either case.

Hello Guys,

I just finished a small project.

It is basically a plugin for octoprint to control your printer enclosure. For example you can add lights, fans and a heater.

Monitor the enclosure temperature, set a temperature, turn on and off fans and lights.

You should add Sebastians Marlin 1.1 FW update also

I’ll update the list this afternoon, thanks

Maybe add in the 10MM rod/ bearing upgrade that everyone was doing awhile ago? I bought the parts and never did it. But going to try it this week.


I did that mod a while back. Moderate improvement in quality. I wouldn’t say its worth the $400 or so in parts. I’ll be doing the open rails conversion soon and posting my misumi rods for sale.

You might want to add Flexystruder v2 to the list ( I have been successfully using that extruder for a while. Adding the additional tension control on the Flexistruder v1 was more than I needed. :wink: