Controlling second extruder

Is there a way to programm the second extruder, so that it makes exactly the same as the first extruder? :bulb:
Hello everyone. I am using a TAZ 5 with Dual Extruder V2 and I am trying to print everything with one extruder and then, instead of using the second extruder, put a fiber optic sensor in its place, so that it can scan what was previously printed.

Is there a way in whic I don’t change any G-code that controlls the extruder that is actually printing, but then add something thah makes the other extruder do exactly the same movements as the other one?

Thank you :smiley:

I know some other firmwares have something similar, but I don’t know of anything in Marlin that does that.

What will you use the second stepper driver for? Could you just tap into the E0 stepper driver instead?

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, I actually don’t need the second stepper driver, but since the idea is scanning after each layer is printed, changing the fiber optic sensor for the extruder every layer doesn’t seem like a good idea. Maybe it could be attached really close to E0, but I would still need that the extruder goes through the same route without printing. Do you have any idea of how I could make it work?

By the way, I am not sure about the firmware that the printer uses. It Works with Cura and I just had to select the model to flash the firmware, but I never chose between Marlin or RepRap (at least that I know hahaha) :laughing: