Use second extruder driver

Hi Community,

I have an old TAZ 5. Marlin version is In trying to change extruder I think I have made a wiring error on the stepper motor and cooked the E0 driver. (Original extruder doesn’t work now either.) Is it possible to tell Marlin to use the E1 driver and swap over the plug? If so can someone please point me in the right direction for instructions on how to do this?


Hi Chip,

FWIW - That sounds like something that could be done but I don’t know how. I am just responding in case you have to buy a new board. Don’t replace the board with a Rambo or whatever is in there. Convert to a Duet3D. I used Maestro’s and converted two Taz 4’s and a Mini. You can add a touch screen, real mesh bed leveling and use a real (meaning up to date) slicer. I used BLTouch for leveling. If I had it to do over I would use a non contact leveling sensor.


If you just connect E1, the printer may not work if it doesn’t sense anything on E0. An error from the thermister reading or something. Could be as easy as connecting a dummy thermister with no heating element to fool the runaway fail safe.

You could recompile the Marlin firmware by swapping the E1 & E0 to change the primary extruder. This should allow the use of E1 as the primary.

Hi kcchen,

Yes I would like to recompile Marlin to swap E0 and E1. How do I go about this? Is there a primer somewhere I can use to get started?


Hi Chuck,

Thanks I will keep this in mind if recompiling to use E1 doesn’t work out.


I did this with my Taz 6 after I shorted the E0 driver, and others have done it to swap the Y axis driver for the E1 driver. The changes are pretty simple, it’s all in the pins config.