Converting a CNC Router to a 3d Printer

I have a Shark Pro CNC Router. I would like to add a filament feeder/Hot end and control for the z axis. Any suggestions on a source for the feeder? Any help will be appreciated.

It looks like you will need a way to attach to your router head, but to extrude plastic you will need: an extruder, a hot end, and a way to wire both into your machine. As far as controller software goes, I’m not sure what would be needed to get everything up and running.

I could have sworn I found a company that sells a “kit” for this. Can’t find the link, but I did find this article which may help.

Thank you.

I think this is the kit you might be looking for, it looks like they have the STLs for the mounting hardware, you might be able to use one of our extruders and hotends that can be found here: As far as software goes I’m not sure what would need to be done.

thanks for everything…