Diamond Hotend: 3 Filaments 1 Nozzle

I was just browsing online when I found this hotend. It’s pretty neat and something in me really wants to give it a try but my pockets are holding me back. Thought I would share here hoping someone else gives it a go so I can experience it through them :smiley:


I funded their Kickstarter campaign… mine is still sitting in the box. Too many modifications which I don’t have the bandwidth for:

  • Rumba board (not sure if the Rambo supports the third extruder)
  • Bowden conversion
  • Design a toolhead for the X-carriage

Otherwise, it sounds like a nice hotend. :slight_smile:

In the meantime you can try it with just 2 filaments. I would love to give it a try but like I said I don’t have the money right now to throw into it.

You’re right… When I find some time I may look into designing a carrier for the X-carriage. With a newborn in the house, I just haven’t found time. I was really hoping a few more mounts would have shown up on Thingiverse by now… yeah, just being lazy. :slight_smile: