crackling noise from nozzle

my nozzle is crackling sounds like bubble wrap but not so loud and I’m wondering if it is because the nozzle went bad or some thing it is relatively new so I kind of doubt that but, I just have no clue what else it could be. I have cleaned it thoroughly and printed it faster/slower and wormer/colder with no change so I’m running out of ideas on what to do to fix the problem.

That can be a couple of things. the most likely issue is moisture absorbtion in the fillament you are printing. As you print fillament that has absorbed moisture, the hotend heats that fillament causing tiny steam explosions as it feeds inside the nozzle that sounds exactly like that. It can also be a couple of other things. If the idler arm tension is too low, the fillament can be skipping and gouging itself. Symptoms of that include excess plastic shaving powder in the hobbed bolt chamber, and little “C” shaped gouges periodically in the fillament being fed to the hotend. It can also be clicking from fillament coming off the roll if it is stiff, or the small gear on the extruder slipping on the shaft or having lost some teeth. Posting a video of it doing things would be helpful.

ok ill make a video hopefully you can hear it. as for the crackling being the filament absorbing moister I am printing with cheetah flex and I’ve printed with the same filament on my other printers with no problems, and since I’m printing with the flexystruder there is no idler arm to adjust thee tension.

ok, so I guess I don’t know how to post a video. The video will load but then says it is an invalid file extension. but there isn’t any thing going on other then the crackling and the prints not coming out smooth I will attach some photos of the same part on different printers ill show the difference in both the top and bottom of the prints.

Your fillament is slipping a bit in some places, on the bottom in one spot, and about 14 layers up in one spot. Does the noise come and go? or is it consistant throughout the entire print? I’d check the gear and the setscrews. If ti isn’t that, it’s either moisture and you can ignore it, or something else odd going on that I’d need to see to identify. you post a video here by uploading it to youtube and posting a link.

The noise is constant throughout the print and i’ll try making a video on YouTube in a bit.