Cura 2.0 quick print; Canned settings for .35 or .5 nozzle?

I suspect this has been asked many times and/or documented someplace but I can’t find it. :confused:
When downloading profiles from the support page, one must choose either the .35 or .5 profiles.
In Cura, I’m guessing that all of the quick print settings are for .35 nozzle and one must download the .5 profiles as needed.
Thanks in advance_!_

I think it uses the quick print profile for the size of printer nozzle your printer you set it up for has.

The Taz 5 .5MM printer uses the .5MM quick print profiles
The Taz 4 .35MM printer uses the .35MM quick print profiles.

But if you got a .35 Taz 5 extruder then you might need to download .35MM profiles to match the different nozzle size.

Thank you for the reminder - I completely forgot about the Machine settings in Cura.
Feeling kind of dense :blush: