CuraLE 2.6 Taz5 .35mm Hexagon profiles

I don’t see profiles for the TAZ5 with a .35mm Hexagon hot end in Cura 2.6.69. Can’t seem to make the .ini files at ( import correctly either. Tell me if I need to RTFM, but please link the appropriate FM if that’s the case. I can’t find what I’m doing wrong. (Probably just too frustrated to see what’s in front of me.)


Except for changing the nozzle size, I’ve used the existing (2.6.69, 3.2.18) profiles with only minor tweaking. I have a separate “printer” for each nozzle size.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. The division of settings into printer, material, and profile clusters is bugging me but I’ll get used to it.

What kind of tweaks did you need to get good quality? I’m looking at the default wall thickness of 0.8mm with some skepticism.

The “tweaks” I commonly make are layer height, initial layer height, print temperature, initial print temperature, retraction, speed, and, of course, adhesion and support. I usually print with a skirt and I increase the minimum distance or the number of lines. For dual extruder prints, I’ll mess with prime tower and ooze shield.

I usually monitor the first layer very closely. If I get a good first layer, I usually get a good print. I can relax a little when reprinting a previous successful print and if I need to re-slice a part, I’ll pick out settings from the previous gcode if I can’t remember them (but I’d sure like some help with this part).