Cura 3.2.27 with dual extruders

So tried this new version and using dual tool heads still seems unsupported/unstested. Are there plans for Lulzbot to focus on bringing dual tool heads to work with 3.x.x? We specifically have Flexydually V2 for TAZ 6?

I’m not sure what your definition of “unsupported/unstested” is but I’ve been using CuraLE with my TAZ 6, the Dual Extruder V2, and the Dual Extruder V3. There has been dual extruder support in 21.08, 2.6.x, and 3.2.x. I don’t have a Flexydually V2 but it appears that the support is there for that tool head as well.

If you have a specific list of features you would like to see or specific shortcomings of existing features then please provide them.

By supported/tested I mean support for the sold tool heads is maintained - as in regularly testet and updated with the whole package, to keep it working well for customers?

TAZ 6 with Flexydually V2 tool head (FDv2) was originally bought for expected reliability, tool heads and profiles, for electronics enclosures with flexible buttons, and PVA support, for small numbers of production parts.

I have experienced the following specific things, where most of them are reported and others will be:

The dual head calibration procedure did not output what was instructed in the OHAI, neither prints or calculator, as later confirmed with support.

The tool head can be rocked back and forth when fully installed in the X-carriage ?!?

CLE 21.08 dual printing the keyring with Ninjaflex oozing all over, key ring lining unattached, ooze shield glued to the part, spec of material where they should not be. Seems a bit of a hack, but a new software was released.

CLE 2.x.x, Crashing, slow, unusable profile handling (yes cache was cleared), PVA support removed. Eg. 8 out of 10 prints multi material models would shift away form each other in the print - later confirmed to be a firmware bug.

In CLE 3.2.27 Still no PVA support and profiles still have odd things like FDv2 Inova1800 profile first layer speed is 21.21 mm/s makes a mess, where Lulzbot Mini’s 10 mm/s work well.

For all releases Ninjaflex, a prime material for a flex tool head, still oozes all over the place like no one ever tried to get it to work well.

The point is, that this is clearly not a USD400 tool head experience, (not to mention a USD200 Chinese knock-off experience), and I am thinking that if this tool head was used regularly, these and other things would be experienced and hopefully fixed?

I know it can be better thant this, as I have had an excellent experience printing production parts with a Lulzbot mini and also with it’s flexystruder V2.

Where can I submit and maybe follow the status of ex. PVA filament support being re-established ?


You can follow up on progress for filament development and other developments on our code page.

Here’s a link to the Cura work board. There’s a section for profiles development and other things.

This is also where to suggest new profiles, submit bugs or suggest improvements to further development of the software.

You can report a bug for example in the backlog section of Cura. Just make sure to include the following information.

Operating System
Version of Cura
Screen shots of issue
Steps to duplicate