FlexyDualy v2 unable to print supports

I can not for the life of me get Cura Lulzbot edition 21.08 to print supports with the rear extruder and my object with the flexy.
I also cant get it to work the other way around. Ive tried every setting. When i use the control pronterface I set the temperature for the bed and rear extruder, then type T1 to echo the flexy, set its temp, wait for the temps to be reached, hit print and the printer just prints with one or the other extruder. no matter if I have it set to print supports with First, Second or Both.

What Am I doing wrong? I finally got this damned dualy leveled and the e-steps set exactly spot on, but would like to be able to print supports with abs or pla if im using flexible material on an object that may needs supports. also being able to print supports with the flexy using the water soluable stuff would be EPIC if i could just get the damned thing to work.

Ive down loaded the Cura 2 Beta and that shit is bananas, so man features to play with, but it says my machine is not connected and I need to update the tool head firmware, so I try just slicing with Cura 2 and the slicing gets about halfway, then stops and hangs.

any help with the dual extrusion on My taz 5 running lulzbot edition cura 21.08 would be awesome
sorry for spelling and grammer im on mobile, had to take a walk because of frustraition with this machine argrggagragra

So not a single person can help with this? Do you need more info? Feeling like a Lulzbot outcast or something

I do not think dual extrusion works correctly in Cura 21.08, you are better off trying to get the Beta working.

I cant get the beta version to do shit. I can get it all set up with what extruder does what, set all my infills and everything, but then it just says Slicing… the bar moves about half way then says slicing… turned of automatic slicing, and when I go to slice it hangs. When I export the .gcode I get an empty file. when I export the other versions of the file the program hangs.

Dual extrusion worked for me when using the Cura Profiles with support in their names. So the PLA_PVA_support profile worked until heat creep cloged my rear extruder. lol

I just changed the .ini to settings I use for HTPLA ( I forgot to disable retraction hence the clog ) and instead of PVA I set the flexible extruder to operate using HIPS. The flexy generated HIPS supports for my PLA object. Now I just need to figure out how to do the same thing but use the rigid extruder for support material and the flexi for the actual print.

Im so stoked for Cura 2 and cant wait until the bugs are worked out that are keeping me from testing the Beta more. THERE ARE SOOOOOOO MANY FEATURES!!!