Cura 3.6.18 vs. 21.08 scaling


I have major problems getting scaling of Blender 2.80 3D Printring toolbox export to work. With Cura 21.08 it works flawless, no problem, the model is imported fine. Cura 3 has major problems, it starts scale by 1000000 by default but even then the model is too small. If the the model is at least 10 cm I can scale again by 1000000 and I get the model to slice, but for every object smaller than this it fails.
I tried to check some options in Blender already regarding unit setting but can not find anything to get it work to change the STL unit base. Also obj export does not help. Nor I can not find any setting in Cura 3 to modify any import scaler, from my point of view this would be most helpful. Have you any hint how to configure the scaler in Cura 3 itself?


We use Blender, v2.79b, for a significant amount of our digital assets and models. We haven’t switched out of the standard blender units and export the design by selecting File > Export > .stl. We don’t export through the 3D printing toolbox add on.

Try exporting your model out of Blender 2.80 using the method above and see how that compares. If you’re still encountering this, give Blender 2.79b a try. If you’d like detailed help with scaling your model, reach out to the support team at Send in the model and .blend file as well so we can duplicate your issue.

Edit: If you can share the .blend file, upload it here as well and some of our more advanced Blender users can chime in on what they found and how they use Blender for 3D printing.

Thanks for the export tip, indeed I could scale there by 1000 and Cura 3 was able to scale it up at least. I attach the Blender file to the post so you can check yourself. Please note the world is set to metric.

The Blender file can be downloaded here: