CURA 4 Timeline?

Is there any understanding when the LE version of CURA will get version 4+? The Ultimaker version is on 4.2+ I also read in an older post a desire to move the LE version to x64. Is that also in the works?

I have installed Ultimaker CURA 4.2.1 and really like the interface. Also, the Ultimaker version runs smoother and there isn’t as much lag in setting updates. I realize its a bit unfair to compare an x32 version of the software to an x64 version and believe that this has an impact on UI performance.

Also, I notices that some functionality (which I believe to be pretty basic to a slicer) is missing in the Ultimaker version. Things like GCODE variables that the LE understands and used in the custom START and END GCODE Blocks are not processed in the Ultimaker version. Ie: material_wipe_temperature_0, material_wipe_temperature_1, material_print_temperature_layer_0_0, material_print_temperature_layer_0_1, enabling auto turn off of the heat bed, etc. Are changes and updates from the LE version no longer being pushed back into the Ultimaker repo anymore? It would be a shame if these versions deviated on stuff like that as updates from both communities greatly benefit everyone.

I too am curious when LE will be upgraded to 4.0.

Radensb - Did you have success printing with the Ultimaker version?