Is Cura ever going to be updated to mainline's version 4?

The Cura-lulzbot edition software has languished and isn’t well maintained. Will profiles ever be added to mainline Cura for lulzbot printers? I’m having to make a Ubuntu 18.04 VM to install the software at all and that’s the very last edition of Ubuntu supported. Meanwhile, Utilimaker’s version is fully up to date with available distributions. Porting profiles over has got to be easier than maintaining Cura 3.2+customizations. As is, I’m finding myself with what is increasingly a paperweight.

We would love to hear more about the features you are excited to use on LulzBot machines when moving to Cura 4.X

Honestly, it isn’t even any particular feature. It is support for “just” installing and running on a modern Linux OS. Cura-lulzbot edition just has not been maintained and so is becoming increasingly difficult to get working. I want to spend my time tweaking my prints, not jumping through hoops to get the software to run.

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Here’s another example. So in a VM with a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 which is explicitly listed as supported, the Ubuntu package lists dependencies which don’t exist as packages directly, and there is an unlisted dependency on numpy. When I installed numpy, it still didn’t work because the version of cura packaged can’t find it.

I’m here looking for ways to add UM Cura plugins to Cura LE. One of the features in Cura 4.x that I use a lot is the “select surface to parallel build plate” button. My only concern with moving the Lulzbots to UM’s Cura is that the UM Octoprint plugin has not yet worked for me, and I will not be with the Octos.

I would not recommend porting newer plugins back to Cura LE. Not that you can’t but it would be a lot of troubleshooting if it didn’t work as intended.

Thanks for the warning–that’s exactly what I was lining up to do.

I looked around Github, but I haven’t found the files or wiki on how to add Lulzbot machines/profiles to Cura 4.x (Currently running 4.10 and 4.11) Any quick pointers?

Still waiting to have this pull request merged,
Adding Official Profiles for LulzBot Machines by rhendersonLulzbot · Pull Request #10232 · Ultimaker/Cura · GitHub

Should be able to see what files have changed, it is as simple as putting the files in their correct folder then they should show up.

I’ll keep an eye on it then, and meanwhile try to be patient. Thank you for the info!

To specifically answer this question in addition to what I already mentioned, I am also looking forward to the addition of the “horizontal hole expansion” field to the normal horizontal expansion and initial layer hz exp fields.

Plugins I like to use in UM Cura:

Auto Backups-- of course.
Change at Z-- Wish it was a little more user friendly, such as a “duplicate settings” button to add and edit multiple layer changes more quickly for things like speed and temp tests.
Barbarian Plugin-- don’t use it often, but it’s cute.
Solidworks Plugin (wish there was one for Fusion360’s .f3d files too)
Custom Print-job Naming-- saves me a ton of time adding the data I need to the exported file name.
Cylindrical Custom Support-- who needs simplify3d now?
Measure tool-- If in doubt check your dimensions before hitting print.
Octoprint connect-- Haven’t gotten it to work in UM Cura yet, and I won’t switch my Lulzbots to 4.x if I can’t connect to my Octos.

At work we use a Taz Workhorse and Mini2, with a Sidekick 747 on the way, plus a couple of Taz 6’s and a mini at home. We’re hoping to add multiple Sidekicks to the farm next week.

I’m curious about the Octoprint comment, are you unwilling to save the file then use the web browser to access the Octoprint instance?

That is a viable workaround but it results in a cluttery “transportation” folder on my hard drive that I’d like to avoid if possible. Gcode file management can quickly become a versioning nightmare if not managed properly, which is still something I am still learning how to do well. Printing directly from Cura is one of the reasons I set up Octoprint, but it would be something I could live without if the gains otherwise were worth it.

PM me if you have any suggestions on gcode management for production and prototyping.

Coming from a coding background I am partial to git, but I am sure there are other version management software that might fit your needs. The big thing is making sure you have an easy to follow process for creating and storing the gcode or other files.