cura and Slic3r support issues (taz4)

Hello all

I come from a maker bot background. I am trying to print human figures, or large animal horns, All of these have overhangs no matter what angle you try.

White ABS, settings taken from this site. Single print head currently (I have a dual, just not installed yet).

Cura generates a HUGE amount of support material, way more than is needed, is there a way to reduce this?

Slic3r… I keep having the support knocked off by the print head, getting air print sections and gunk stuck to my extruder if I do not catch it fast enough. Lots of failed prints. I tried pillars, and hexagons. Hexagons worked a bit better… but it still had issues.

what am I doing wrong?

When I have an object with a lot of overhangs but I want to control where support goes I’ll model in support columns in the model itself, with a tiny 0.1 gap in between the support structure and the model. It’s not perfect, but it helps when printing larger models with specific support needs.

I know it’s not open source and I know it is not free but, if you want control over supports, Simplify 3D is the way to go.