Support Material Recommendations - Slic3r

I want to print this 3D model (files attached) using a TAZ4 and I believe I will need support material. When I attempted to print another model using support material, the print did not print the support material correctly. I’m sorry I don’t have an image of what it looked like. I’m sure it was because of the settings I selected.
What would anyone recommend for my support material settings for the attached image files.
Or could anyone give me some general guidelines for support material settings?
hook image.png
copy_of_hook.stl (55.5 KB)

Whew…that’s a tough one.

If it was me, today, I’d design in my own custom support “tables” for the two over hanging sections.

I know that’s not much help if you’re simply downloading the stl file. :blush:

I think these to posts may help you.

This. I would edit the model to have structure under the overhangs. Simply fill the area under those overhanging sections with some thin tab like sections. If you have them float (leave a layer height gap in between the two structures) it will print but the support tabs will be easily removed.

If you are printing in ABS, you could also split it at the bend, print it as separate parts and then acetone weld it together.

I forgot to mention that I’m using PLA (from Microcenter) and I’m using the PLA Medium profile setting for Slic3r found on the Lulzbot site.

This may be a bit off topic, but if that part is to hold any weight, it’s going to be prone to shearing.

This is a student’s project that’s only meant to be a model. So weight will not be a factor.