Cura Lulzbot edition only has a profile for PLA

Just downloaded Cura LE (after using Simplify 3D for several years) and there is only one material profile, a generic PLA. Since I usually print with PETG and occasionally ABS, this turns out to be a hassle.
I downloaded the Ultimaker Cura and all the profiles are there. I thought I would transfer them over, but I can’t seem to find them. I also read where the V4 material files go in a different place than V5.
Sorry if this is a rehash, my search didn’t yield anything similar.


What printer/Tool Head and version of Cura LE are you using?

Once you have a printer set up, you should have a number of profiles available for your setup.

Mini 2 and Taz workhorse.

I just checked again, the Mini 2 has materials set up, but the Taz just has PLA.

Well, I just tried adding a second Taz Workhorse profile, that time it did load the materials.
Thanks for your help!

Must be some bug in the Taz profile?