Where'd my profiles go!

I just updated my extruder on my TAZ5 to the new dual V2. I still don’t have it calibrated really well yet, but have been doing some simple things to understand the dual design thing. But the main issue is all my filament profiles have disappeared from the basic mode. All I have are the ABS/ABS PLA/PLA, etc. No PETG, HIPS, POLYCARB, TAULMAN! Yikes! I spent a bunch of time getting those tuned. I don’t want to go through the head change hoopla every time I want to print single extrusion. Nor do I want to retune all those filaments. Am I missing something here? Do I need to work in expert mode and manually load profiles?

How about just changing from the Dual head to the single head in Cura, without actually changing the physical head on the printer. That might give you your settings back that just are not there for a Dual head.

Did you ever figure out what happened? I opened Cura 18.03 today and experienced the same thing!

Make sure you’ve got “All” selected under “Material Ease of Use” dropdown… that should hopefully do it.