curling on corners

I’m having problems with corners curling up:

(click for larger pic)

This is just a test half-cube about an inch wide. I sliced it using the current TAZ “Medium, support off, 0.22 mm layers” slic3r profile and printed it using lulzbot PLA at 185/60. These curls develop and then propagate all the way up as it’s printing.

I’ve printed the octo (resliced for the above profile in PLA as well as using the original gcode for the ABS one) and both printed really well. But then octopi have no corners…

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to point out the base is slightly wider than it strictly should be according to the model. I attribute that to the first layer sticking really well and the later ones shrinking/cooling. I’ve also tried this where I started the bed at 65 and dropped it to 60, but that didn’t really do anything (was just experimenting).

Wow that is a lot of shrinkage. So are you saying the side are supposed to be perfectly straight.

Is his ABS or PLA?

Where did you get the filament from?

Are you printing with a fan?

Lulzbot pla. Yes, it is a perfect half cube (well, the model is). No fan.

The curving you are seeing is a sign that the bed is too hot . That’s rather excessive. When ever you print with PLA, active cooling helps tremendously. We have an add on fan available here:

Just so people don’t see this thread and not the other one:

I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to print it again with the fan running properly.

Thanks again!

Go go gadget fan!

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