Look at this cool thing I made!!

So, obviously I wasn’t watching when this occured, but I’m sure the part detached from the bed. It was laying on the table next to the printer. I used the ABS/Acetone solution prior to starting the print. Is there a setting in Slic3r or Pronterface that I should adjust? Also, the part I made before this one was a large, squareish, flat piece and 3 of the corners curled up from the bed by the time it was done. ABS natural, nozzle 230C, bed 85C, TAZ 2, any advice welcome, very newbie.

That’s rather spectacular!

How squished is your first layer? If you had to compare it to this image: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/2.0/documentation/2013Q4/source/images-1600x1200/1st_layer_adhesion.jpg

which would be the closest one that matches your first layer extrusion? How did you set your Z axis endstop/first layer height? How are you applying the ABS & Acetone solution?

The first layer is very similar to the middle one, although the bed could probably be raised just a tiny bit. I tried the print again, and it curled up on the corner and then one of the legs detached, so it would appear there is still something not quite right. I’m wondering if maybe a 90% fill is too much, or if 0.1 layer height is too thin, or some other setting would cause the corners to lift and curl. I am using the abs/acetone mix as recommended, applied to a cold bed with a paper towel so it leaves an even film. I tried to attach the gcode file to the forum but it kept locking.

Try putting on the ABS & acetone solution when the bed is hot and see if that improves things. You may also want to add some ABS to the solution, not a lot, but a little bit more. If your first layer height is close to ideal this should help.

OK, I added another stick of filament to the solution, raised the bed 1/4 turn, and will try again. I think I’ll reduce the infill to 70% and increase the thickness to .2 since this piece doesn’t need much detail. I made a tray that goes with this, and the corners warped up as well.

Try adding a brim (a slic3r configuration option), I quite often print flat items with a 5mm brim to stop the edges curling up.


I actually took Antony’s advice before I got it! Also, sped up from 30 mm/s to 60 mm/s, reduced infill from .9 to .7, and set 1st and last layers to 3 solid. The results are much better…so far…?