Does anyone tried BuildTak FlexPlate System ?

Hello, it seems very interesting, anyone tried this ? It should work with a PEI sheet as well ?

I’ve thought a couple times about something like that. You could stick PEI sheets to it if you like that better than BuildTak. Right now I’m using a Zebra plate, but it’s not as easy to remove from the printer so I usually only do that if the part needs more help to release. I’ve got it pretty well dialed in, so it’s usually not needed.

I’d probably buy it if it came with 2 of the removable plates. It would be great to pull the plate, swap the new one on, and start the next print right away. That would only work if the thickness of the removable plates is very consistent or you have a known Z-offset for each one though. I’m also curious how it handles warping longer term. With the magnets all over the base plate, I suspect it would do pretty well though.

Good idea the two FlexPlate

I wrote to buildtak about that. here is the answer FYI :

Hi Daniel,

The 12"x12" FlexPlate System is $140.00. An additional FlexPlate is $35.00 Shipping within the USA is $6.85.
We would need to do a Paypal invoice since the additional plate is not offered on our website. Please send your Paypal email and I’ll send you an invoice. Once paid, we’ll ship right away. I’ll also need your shipping address and a phone number.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Printing!


The only down side I see is that heat reduces magnetism so if you use higher temps on your bed regularly (which will likely have to be increased to compensate for the magnetic base and steel overlay to maintain proper temperatures at the surface for printing), then over time the magnetic plate will probably loose magnetism and eventually fail to hold the steel sheet in place properly.

Yes, but there are grades of magnets with high temperature tolerance.

That’s good to 150C. The question is, what did BuildTak use? :slight_smile:

We should ask them but I guess they choose the good ones :wink:

I also asked for PEI sheet :

Hi Daniel,

We do not recommend or endorse PEI.

I do not see why it will not work… :unamused:


Well yeah, theirs costs more and does about the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I see good reviews for BuildTak. But I can’t imagine PEI wouldn’t work fine with that setup. If I end up getting it, I’ll just use the BuildTak till it wears out then replace with whatever I like better after that. I mean, it comes with the BuildTak, might as well use it. If you already know you prefer PEI, just order a sheet of it with some of the adhesive and put that on instead.

If you get 2 plates you are in a good position to try both! Just make sure you adjust for the different thickness if there is one.

Here’s a more in depth review. Apparently they thought of the heat and magnetic issues. Kudos to them. Check this out.

About the magnets and the heat :

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your interest in the BuildTak FlexPlate System! In response to your earlier question - yes, the FlexPlate System can handle heating up to 120C (but do not exceed 120C). The magnets used are selected specifically for their heat tolerance - many other magnets lose potency after multiple heating & cooling cycles but these do not.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

Kindest Regards,

Also, note hat they rate this product as ‘experimental’.

Exact, that’s why I started this thread, to see if anyone already tried this system :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this! I’m gonna take the bullet and try this on my taz 6 since I just cracked my glass bed haha…

Great, tell us what do you think of this system
Take care with buildtak sheet, it sticks… I mean… it STICKS, don’t set your extruder too close from the bed or you will damage it !

Will you test with a PEI sheet too ?

How sticky? Does it come off the PEI bed surface without damaging it? I’m trying to print with Polymaker PC-Plus. It comes with a BuildTak sheet but I’m reluctant to use it if it’s likely to damage the plate. Unfortunately without I’m failing to get the PC-Plus to stick to the bed with PVA.

what size did you pick?


I bought the 300x300.

Do I just stick it on my existing pei sheet?

I think you have to remove the PEI sheet, and of course clean the glass (remove the glue)

Just received my FlexPlate today, here are some pictures. I didn’t test yet, a print is in progress, I have to wait about 5 hours… :smiling_imp:
I ordered 2 flexible plates, one for BuildTak sheet, and another one for a PEI sheet (0.040" from mc master carr)

It looks very good quality, and the magnets are strong, it will never move during a print !

I measured the parts, they are very accuracy :

  • Fix base : 2.06 mm to 2.08 mm
  • Flexible plate : 0,56 mm to 0.58mm

Overall thickness with BuildTak sheet : ~ 3.00 mm
Overall thickness with PEI sheet : ~ 4.00 mm

Fix base - Top

Fix base - Bottom

FlexPlate (nude)

FlexPlate with PEI sheet

As soon my print will finish, I’ll install the system on my TAZ5 and I will do a short review

Awesome! I look forward to your review. I’m on my 5th PEI. I’m very careful with my bed surface, but the PEI keeps developing large air pockets after a few months, probably because I mostly print a lot of large flat bottomed parts with filament that requires a 100-105° C bed temp. I don’t think the adhesive can handle constant high temps. I love the PEI but changing beds and PEI sheets is becoming a too frequent chore. I look forward to finding a reasonable alternative.