don't stick on the bed

Hi, Everyone,

I am a newbie of 3d printing. Need you guys help about my print.

I am trying to print a cell phone case. but i found that the model doesn’t stick on the bed. two sides of the model raised from the bed. Is my setting problem? I am using ABS. the temp was 230 and the bed was 85.

Is my bed leveling problem? Setting problem???

many thanks…

If since this looks like a Taz 5 or a Mini, Bump the bed temperature up to 100c and the print nozzle temperature to 240. You can push the bed closer to 110 if you need to, but you may get part yellowing. Also make sure you are printing with a 5mm brim. Another thing to check is if the model is truely flat on the bottom. If it isn’t you may have to use support to print it.

Yep. Bump the bed temp to 110C.

If it still doesn’t stick, check the nozzle height… may need to bring it closer to the bed with the Z-endstop. If you think its a good height, use the Z-Offset Gcode in the slicing software to move the nozzle closer to the bed after homing… try something like -.2mm.

thank you guys,

let me try tonight~