Print Unmoored from Bed/Stuck to Nozzle


I’m trying to print something in polycarbonate. The print starts out just fine, but then later becomes separated from the bed and gets stuck onto the nozzle (I’m not sure which one is causing the other). Has anyone else run into these problems? How do I prevent this from happening?

Please advise, thank you.

I have only printed ABS, have you raised your bed temperature and tried that?

Wmgeorge64, polycarbonate requires a bed temperature that’s basically at the maximum temp for the Mini. So no luck there :confused:

What bed temps are you trying? In general wmgeorge64 is right about increasing the bed temo. Searching the Internet, people seem to have good luck between 85-120C on kapton… With PEI maybe start at 100C?

You could also try getting the nozzle closer to the bed also. After using a business card to calibrate an initial nozzle height. Some slicers allow you to enter Z-offset to get the nozzle closer to the bed. I’d be very conservative and start with .1 up to .3.

Sorry I don’t have actual experience printing Polycarbonate… Hope to one day, though.

Edit: Looks like LB sells the filament and has some recommended profiles on the “Specifications” tab: