Double Blower Cooling Duct for Mini

For those who are intersted:

I’ve just posted my design for a double cooling blower duct for the Lulzbot mini which uses all existing mounting features already on the print head along with the screws that you use to attach the old duct… Parts are all ABS (for temperature resistance) and are acetone welded together. This ensured A. only one part needed to be printed with minimum support material and B. If you want to use a different blower, you can design your own blower holder piece and attach it to the rest of the duct.

2.85mm holes are included to insert filament “pins” to ensure proper alignment during assembly.

Note: I used a blower I had sitting around the office. Unfortunately they don’t make that blower anymore so I linked to a similar blower that was 15mm wide instead of 20mm wide. I don’t own the 15mm blower so I don’t know if the fit will be exactly right (I narrowed the holder from 20mm to 15mm, but the rest of the dimensions are close.) If you decide to try this, please let me know if the blower first in the blower holder of I need to tweak it. I’ll be glad to do it for ya.

The results have been excellent on overhangs on PLA. I’m currently running the blower at 12V from a wall mount power supply and i’ve got the following results:

Once I remove the old fan completely and hook up the blower to the printer directly at 24V, I would expect results to be even better.

EDIT: I have now hooked the blower up to 24V with the following air speed results using a calibrated anemometer:
CxvDnNnXAAsaV0J.jpg large.jpg
*blower nozzle speed is velocity per nozzle. Each nozzle was about 10-12m/s at 100% air speed.

I hope this solution helps some of you out there! Please be sure to follow the directions closely on the thingiverse page. Since the blower is a bit different than what I used on my design, I’m calling it a work in progress until someone confirms the new blower fits. However it’s been a really nice improvement for a lot of my materials that require strong active cooling.


Stay cool!