Dual Extruder 3 with Flexi?

I couldn’t find much discussion or information on the recommended filaments for the new Dual 3 … but in looking at the models and the assembly workflow, it appears that the filament path is quite well supported the entire way to the hot end. Does that mean it might work with flexible filaments as well as hard ones?

Hello cmidgely,

Here you can see a Polyflex print using the v3 dual extruder as a single tool head:

The v3 Dual Extruder is capable of printing flexible materials. Through our internal testing we have found the PolyDissolve and PVA stick very will to TPU’s (flexible filaments.) However, we have not fine tuned the profiles for optimal cosmetic results. We include all of our flexible material profiles in the experimental section of Cura LulzBot Edition, and can be used as a good starting point for making your own modifications. Printing with flexible materials is recommended for advanced users on the v3 dual extruder.

As we continue to work on Cura LulzBot Edition, we hope to have more supported materials in the future.

So is the Dual Extruder v3 the preferred head now, for people who want to use flexible material on a Taz6? It looks like the v2 head for flexible materials is being discontinued…and I don’t see a flexy-only v3…