Dual Extruder Flexy Upgrade.

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I’ve been scouring the forums looking for anyone who’s tried printing ninjaflex with the Dual Extruder V2, or someone who has modded theirs to extrude Ninjaflex on one side. I just bought the Taz 5, and was unable to purchase the FlexyDualie as they were discontinued (V2 update coming). In the meanwhile I’m sitting here drooling over people who can make incredible things with their Flexy dual extruders. Has anyone made it work with a Dual Extruder V2 mod?


The Flexystruder v2 toolhead is available so the the new Flexydually v2 should be around the corner. If you can’t wait, get the Dual Extruder v2, and replace one of the extruders a printed FlexyStruder V2.

You’ll need some threaded inserts and the PTFE tubing for the printed FlexyStruder V2, but you’ll be able to re-use the new hexagon hotend assembly.

Here’s the latest development on the all metal Flexydually:

Hopefully it comes with redesigned ducts…

Thanks for the response!
That’s what I did. I ordered the Dual V2 for now, and plan to print what I need for the Flexstruder. I just didn’t know if they were compatible like that. Is there a recommended filament for this?


This may have been answered but I didn’t see it, so sorry if repetition abounds…

I am wondering about the utility of the flexi-dually tool head. I know it has one standard extruder and one flexy extruder, so that we can print objects with any filament except flex along with flex in one object. The possibilities with that are endless! However I would also like to print two non-flex filaments and I wonder if I can do that and do so effectively and safely / wear-free on the flexydually.

That is to say, if mostly what I want to do is mix two non-flexy filaments, shouldn’t I get the dual print head and not the flexy-dually? It’s all very confusing, could someone clear this up please?


They should be compatible… The previous flexistruder shared a common x-carriage mount as the single extruder. To be sure, I’d pre-assemble through the STLs in something like SketchUp.

If you want to dual extrude non-flexible filaments, then get the normal dual extruder. If you want the optioni to extrude softer filaments, then the flexydually is what you’d want.

The extruder for flexible filaments can be used to extrude non-flexible filaments, this will cause the PTFE tube to wear faster and require replacement sooner. The PTFE tube serves as a guide for the filament, and replaces the idler (on the normal extruder, akin to the lever arm with bearing of the PB direct drive extruder) to apply pressure to the hobbed bolt to advance the filament.

ty kcchen_00 for that explanation, it’s kinda basically what I thought but more specific and calls out the worn part so we know what to replace. Is this in a FAQ somewhere? If not, should it be?


There might be a FAQ somewhere…check https://ohai.lulzbot.com/. The PTFE tubing is fairly inexpensive, and I doubt a few prints of harder filament will really cause that much wear.

This assembly tutorial contains the tubing specifications and how to install/replace. The only difference between this and the V2 extruder should be the hexagon hotend instead of the budaschnozzle.