Dual Extruder dummy plug for second connector

I installed a Dual Extruder (V2 and V3) so I have the second connector on the tool head mount. If I switch tool heads from the dual extruder to the single extruder without flashing the single firmware first, then I’m stuck. I have an error and the printer won’t talk to anybody so I can’t flash the firmware!

What I need is a dummy plug for the second connector with a 100K resistor across the thermistor pins so the dual firmware will be happy enough to let me flash the single firmware.

I’m guessing that I’d have to buy some minimum quantity of parts in order to make such a beast but I’ll bet the folks at the LulzBot factory could throw some together and sell them on their website for an insane markup but a reasonable price for one.

Alternatively, can someone point me to the pinout for that second connector so I can carefully insert the ends of a 100K resistor?

Maybe the end with the two orange thermistor wires, at the opposite end from the red and white motor wires.

There was a PDF doc stored on the one of the Lulzbot sites with the pin information. I can’t seem to find it again.

Best bet is to trace the wires from one of your toolheads… the V3 probably easiest since it has the molex connector in the wiring harness.

Maybe this one?


That would be the one!