I have a TAZ 5 with a Dual Extruder 3. While doing maintenance (removing a clog from the extruder) I broke off the cable of the E0 thermistor.

I have my original single-extruder printhead, but I need to reflash the firmware back to be able to use it. The issue is that I can’t flash it without the printhead connected.

I’ve read that I can use a 100k resistor across the thermistor pins to fool the printer into thinking that it’s there. The issue is that I don’t have one handy, and getting one in the current situation is complicated (I am in Spain, everything is closed, and Amazon has delayed shipping.

Is there another way to flash the firmware without having the toolhead connected?


OK, I got the idea of plugging in the original toolhead at E0 and the Dual at E1, and now the printer is turned on

Brilliant! That put a “100K resistor” across both pairs of thermistor pins. I’d still pursue obtaining a couple of actual resistors in case you need them in the future. You would think I’d learn but I’m always doing the physical switch from a dual extruder to a single extruder before switching the firmware. :grinning: