Dual Extruder v2 Clog

I have recently gotten a dual Extruder for my Taz 5. The calibration and everything worked fine with the provided ABS filament, but when I attempted to switch to PLA, the printer gets clogged without fail. I have looked at other threads relating to this, but none have helped with this problem.

From what I can tell, it looks as if the filament is being molded to a corner inside the tool head. The filament goes in just fine, and does extrude fine as well, but when I try to print something, the teeth on the bolt cut a groove in the filament.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

EDIT: Sorry for the formatting, I tried to fix it, but could not find the problem.

There may be a couple things going on here. For starters, going from ABS, a higher temperature material to PLA, a lower temperature material, you may still have leftover ABS in the bore. You have to heat the extruder up to ABS temperature and extrude a good deal of PLA platic to ensure that there is no ABS remaining inside before you can print with PLA at normal temperatures. You also want to make sure the PLA you are trying to use isn’t over large. if it is above 3.2mm in diameter, it may just be getting stuck. If the diameter is different than what you have set for ABS, and you don’t change that value, you may just be overextruding causeing a blockage jam.

You also want to check the barrel cooling fans and make sure they are operational. they may be spinning but not actually moving enough air to cool anything. That causes bore lock, which makes PLA jam in the bore and strip out.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took so long to get back, but it looks like there was still some ABS in the system, just like you said. I thought I had got it out but apparently not. Thanks!