Hi everyone, i’ve been printing with ABS in my TAZ 3 but the delamination problems are just ridiculous, even though I calibrate the machine, close up the printer or anything, things keep tearing apart.

Is there any issue while swapping from ABS to PLA in the same extruder?

BTW, all the plastic i’ve got is LULZBOT.

Thanks in advance!

PLA will require lower settings and temperatures. You will want to make sure your extruder is empty of ABS before switching to PLA, as ABS melts at a higher temperature, and PLA will start to char at those temperatures needed to get rid of the ABS.

Be careful using the same extruder. ABS uses a higher melting temp and PLA using a lower temp. So going in that order, from ABS to PLA is fine. But switching back, with the same extruder, can be a hassle because if you don’t get all (emphasize ALL) the PLA out of the hot end it becomes clogged up. PLA gets really sticky at higher temps than recommend. I tried to disassemble the hot end and clean the nozzle…killed it! Best bet…buy another extruder.