Dual Extruder - what should I expect?

I’ve been considering purchasing the dual extruder (non flexy). I really don’t care for multicolor prints in the same materials, the only use I would have for it would be to use dissolvable supports. My hope is to print in PLA, with PLA supports except for the dense support layers, which I’d want to print in PVA. I’d hope to print with no layer gap between the top support layer and the next build layer, which as you know, can’t really be done with a single material print.

Is this something that people have done and had good success with? I’m concerned about not getting the quality I hope for.

Not sure if youve purchased it yet but i suggest waiting for the bugs in the V3 to be worked out. I unfortunately purchases a V2 (non-dually) and have had little to no success with printing and have made a myriad of modifications to it. Best of luck

I’ve had the V3 for about a week now and it has been a total headache. I have yet to successfully print anything using both extruders. I’ve tried the test material that it shipped with, ABS+HIPS, PLA+PVA. Everything that could possibly go wrong seems to be going wrong with it.
I’m switching back to the standard tool head today and putting the V3 to sleep fo now.

Expect a lot of Pain and suffering, but also a lot of rewards!

Sometimes they challenge you to a Dual! En Garde!

You should expect that youʻll spend more time tweaking settings than printing. (I have the V2) It works fine when using the same material on each extruder, but using different types of filaments does require a lot of trial and error, even with the presets in Cura. If you have time, itʻs not a problem, but I use this in a classroom. We now only use it for multi-colored projects. Iʻm not ordering the V3.

V3 much, much easier to use than the V2. Lots of tweaking, but prints great.