Dual Extruder Upgrade to V3 from V2, What could go wrong?

I’ve had the V2 dual extruder on my Taz5 for quote a while and I print mostly successfully with it. My only drawback with it is when I use the second extruder on a flat top surface, I get vibrations that carry over from the first extruder that give ghost ripples in the print. I want to get away from that, because the vast majority of what I do has flat top surfaces. I’ve spent considerable time tweaking and calibrating and adjusting and can’t get away from it, it truly is part of the design of the printhead. But I ain’t mad. :smiley:

I’m looking at the V3 extruder pretty seriously. I understand there are some bugs with it and I just want to make sure I have a firm understanding of the bugs before I commit $500 to it.

There are three mechanical things that I have read about.

  1. The top screw mount is off so that the extruder does not sit down securely in the nest. To me, that’s not a big deal, take the die grinder out, elongate the hole, back in business. I’m sure Lulzbot will take care of it in the future, but to me, it is not a big deal. I void warrantees on a daily basis without a second thought.

  2. Filament is a little tough to load. I think I can deal with that, personally. I generally load a full roll of filament and print until it is gone. But if someone is changing colors frequently or changing colors on the fly, I can understand that being a problem. I’m sure there is a design fix out there somewhere and I’m sure Lulzbot will figure it out before too long.

  3. Filament cannot be removed if the hot end is cold. It’s just generally part of my work process to heat the hot end before removing filament. …unless I am oversimplifying things.

Those are the only 3 things mechanically that I’ve heard of.

Software wise, Cura 2.6.52 seems to be rather buggy. I’ve tried running it and ran into too many problems, not even related to dual extrusion. I’ve resigned myself to sticking with Cura 21.08. I print with my V2 dual extruder without problem as far as software goes. If I would get the V3, change the dual extruder offsets through calibration and maybe tweak the start2.gcode, I would think I could print without problem? I like to be an early adopter on technology, but I tried Cura 2.6.52 and just had to punt until the bugs got worked out. Am I oversimplifying that? Sometime, when I get time, I want to work on Cura 2.6.52 and try to hash some stuff out, but right now I just need to print some things.

If I get one of the V3 dual extruders, am I setting myself up for massive disappointment… or will I be able to deal with the quirks and make some awesome prints? Can I get around the problems or do the problems run deeper than I envision?

Does the printhead run more stable than the second extruder of the V2 printhead?

I think the V3 is workable…

  1. It seems more than just heating it up, this filament swells to the point it can’t be pulled out of the heatbreak. The “trick” seems to remove immediately after 10mm of extrusion… so the filament is cool enough to keep its 3mm diameter.

The scary post seems to be a possible issue with firmware or it could be Cura issues…

OK, I see, so maybe I could tweak the end2 gcode…

Keep the nozzle temperature on, move z up, then x and y somewhere safely out of the way, then extrude T1 10mm to soften, then retract T1 15-20 mm (some distance further than 10mm) then do the same with T0.

Then I would probably have to remove the filament and cut the end and reinsert it before the next print.

You know, I had a thought, in the v2 dual extruder, a lot of the flexing seems to be coming from the dual_extruder_2.0_mount V1.1. Before I mothball this toolhead… what if I remake that part out of something that is stiffer? Maybe Taulman 910 or polycarbonate? I wonder if that would add enough rigidity to limp along for a bit? What could it hurt but my wallet or my pride?