E3d V6 heats slowly


Just installed E3d V6 on my Taz 4
Using screw in thermistor (EPCOS B57560G104F thermistor)
Set thermistor to “1” in Marlin
Changed PID to 12.6, 0.66, 60.6
3mm 24V version

Heats very slowly and cannot go higher than 160
My other E3d’s heat in a minute or so.

Same respone Cura or Rep Host

Ideas appreciated


Sounds odd. I installed a V6 on my Taz4 not long ago and everything is fine.

If you didn’t somehow accidentally limit your max temp to that low number, in firmware… I don’t know what to tell you.

Apologies in advance, since I risk insulting your intelligence, but do you have your heater block touching your heatsink directly? That’s the only heat-transfer related problem I can think of. You need to keep space between the heater block and heat sink. The only heat transfer between the two should be through the heat brake.