Bought a used Taz 4 need some help.

anyone have a bontech extruder e3d combo for a Taz4 running? could use a config sample to understand how it’s been setup. I’m pretty green and i updated the firmware and that’s about as far as i got. Been trolling for YouTube videos to see if i can pick up on anything. Figured i’d go fishing here if someone has something already setup that might want to share :stuck_out_tongue:

Repetier-host v2.0.5
bondtech bmg 3:1 gearing?
e3d V6 (24v) Direct hotend 1.75mm Universal

Current issues Error:Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

Extruder errors out at 179.0 C roughly 10min from cold to error

My main use for the Printer is for racing drone canopies/pods and other small mounting hardware
( TPU is what is typical used because it aborbs crashes really well )

I don’t think i have my endpoint set up, for some reason i want to assume you can set a home point by zeroing out on the endpoints and save that somewhere? if i hit the X home point the motor Jams up as if it’s going the wrong direction. So not sure what i should video i should be watching to see how it’s set up ( i guess i need a term ) setting up xyz brings up what i believe is a brand…

I did run into a digipot_motor_current error not set? I believe i set it but not sure if i messed up something else that’s related.

If someone repairs/sets up printers in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I’m willing to use a service

Any help is appreciated
Will M.
Configuration_adv.h (63.5 KB)
Configuration.h (65 KB)

Sort of sorted, was using the wrong marlin firmware.

Looks like my extruder 0 is only giving out 7v. Currently searching for ways to switch to extruder 1 and have it as my primary or switch it on so i can test voltage.