E3d v6 leaks when using pet+ filament

As the title said, I have a problem with pet+ filament. It seems to leak from the sides of the nozzle every time I use it. The temperature range I use it is from 220 to 250 degrees. None of my other filaments have this issue. Is there a solution to this?

Could you post a picture?

If the nozzle is not tight against the heat break inside the heater block, it will leak. When you tighten up the nozzle, is there a gap between the base of the nozzle and the heater block?

Can’t get a pic now since I cleaned it earlier. I made sure that all the parts are tightened. Would adding plumbers tape help?

Do you have a gap between the nozzle and the heater block like this? If not, you are tightening the nozzle against the heater block instead of the heat break. If that is the case, the hot end will leak.

This configuration seems to to work so far. I also used some loctite on the threads connecting to the heat sink. Still have to work on the issues of stringing while printing, but otherwise, everything else is working