Leaking between hot end and nozzle

Hi, first post, got my mini in the mail a week ago and loving it. Noticing though that there’s a leakage where the nozzle comes out of the hot end, I’ve attached a pic. I have wiped it off several times but it keeps returning. Some of it has dripped off once or twice into prints, nothing serious, but it’s an annoyance and could potentially wreck an intricate print. Have only printed with HIPS so far, switched out colours a couple times. Anything I can do? Thanks in advance!

No one knows anything about this? Has anyone had this issue? Am I the only one? :open_mouth:

Have you tried tightening it up a little? Heat the nozzle to 240 or so and see if it will tighten up a little. Hold the heater block with a wrench and snug up the nozzle. Just a bit. Do not over tighten it.

Or, since the printer is new, give support a call. They might swap out a new toolhead.

Hi it happen to me
basicaly the nozzle was break between thread and the starting shabe is happen to me after I extrude to fast

Maybe that could help

That could also be the case. The original nozzle on my Mini broke off completely during a print.

What actually holds the nozzle in? Is it threaded? I was about to try tightening it but didn’t want to clamp the hot end too much, and wasn’t about to just go reefing on the nozzle on its own. What is the purpose of the set screw in the hot end? Perhaps I would be better off just contacting support. Thanks for the help though!

There is no set screw, unless the design has been changed recently.

The nozzle is simply screwed into the block with 30 in pounds, see #2: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/cf3b0638-1e1e-4bff-a00e-c3308d914c68/mini/

If you tighten the nozzle, heat up the block, then turn off the printer, then hold the block with an 18mm wrench and use a 7mm torque wrench on the nozzle.

You should see a small silver screw on the side of the heater block. It holds a clamping plate on the heater block. That plate retains the thermistor and maybe the edge of the heater cartridge. There will also be a small black set screw on the back of the heater block. It sets into the side of the heater cartridge to hold it in place in the heater block.

The nozzle is just threaded and torqued in as hemocyanin stated. They are particular about the torque applied to the nozzle because it can be over-stressed when heated if it is installed too tightly. That caused cracking on early models. There is some documentation of this at devel.lulzbot.com if you dig around a bit.

Here is a shot of my failed Mini nozzle. It was brand new and failed during a print. They replaced the toolhead and everything has been fine since.