Do I really need an enclosure? My Mini is in my library/office. No cats, dogs, or small children. I know it is on sale at the moment and will buy if I need it.


No, but it really helps some filaments… ABS in particular.

an enclosure will not really help with sounds or smells since they all have gaps, and nearly everyone I’ve seen for the mini has an open floor.

But yes, they are more for dealing with some materials. ABS and Polycarbonate being some of the more common ones that really need a warm environment to print without warping. Nylon can benefit from one too as you can toss in some desiccant packs to help keep things dry as Nylon will absorb moisture in the air as it prints. I’ve been told of this happening during long prints for people. If all you print is PLA then you don’t really need one. If you have your machine near a window or heating/AC vent then isolating the machine from a draft will help prevent it from warping.