why did Lulzbot not build enclosures for their printers

Why did Lulzbot not build enclosures for their printers. I was just curious. Getting a Mini soon.

Good question and offered as an Option? I have switched over to PETG so its not needed for temperature, some people would like to contain the smells however.

Another option is a vent hood. I made one for my Mini suspended on pulleys so I can access the filament spool.

I am developing a deep love of PETG this winter – my garage is very cold (24x40, separate, drafty, 1500 watt space heater that keeps it a little above freezing in here) and it seems that the colder it gets in here, the more nicely PETG prints.

There is the plans for the Lulzbot Catguard, which they don’t offer commercially. https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/cat_guard/accessories/ I suspect concern over the Stratsys heated enclosure patent has led a lot of companies to not persue enclosures commercially for the moment.