Enlarging a TAZ?

Has anyone tried to increase the X and Y dimensions of a TAZ? It would require longer pieces of extrusion, longer belts, and a heated table rework. I have a student who would like to print an electric guitar body and it just isn’t going to fit.

Making the heated bed much bigger would really increase the mass on the Y axis, which would make prints slower and somewhat less accurate. You could fix the accuracy by going with a supported linear rail, and the speed by going with a larger motor and bigger belts, but at some point you would be better off looking at making a moving Y axis gantry and leaving the bed stationary, especially with that much plastic sitting on it. You would probably end up installing two heat beds next to eachother with a single piece of longer glass on top, which would mean a second power supply.

Increasing the X direction would just be belts, frame pieces and bearing rods unless you also wanted to widen the heated bed

You could also look at printing the guitar body in stages with interlocking tabs that you could later glue together.