Hacking the Taz6 to make a larger bed?

Hey guys;

A friend of mine bought a Taz6, and I really must say, I’m impressed. I have a need for one with my business, but unfortunately, I need a larger print area (x, y axis).

Has anyone modded their Taz6 for say a 16x16 print bed? I’ve sourced the heater already, and getting the extruded pieces and Thompson rods are no big deal. Having a machine shop make the bed, and buying the glass surface is easy peasy too.

The only difficulty is extending the x/y maximums along with locating the pads for the auto leveling. I asked Lulzbot about making a larger printer, and they said not at this time. I then asked if they would assist with the coding if I made the mods, and I was ignored.

There is a competing USA made 3d printer of the size I need, for comparable pricing, but I don’t like the frame build on that machine. I much prefer the Thompson rod precision of the Lulzbot.

Thoughts? Ideas? Snide remarks?

The programming required would just be changing the size of the bed travel inside Cura or whatever slicer you want to use, the firmware bed limits, and potentially electrical values for the larger bed, which may be the tricky part. Extending the frame and rods itself would be easy, you just need longer 20mm extrusions and rods. You may run into some deflection issues as you go larger though.

Insert piercet Open Beams mod! :laughing: