Esun PVA Stickiness

Hello all,

I have just acquired a V3 Dual (and slapped in on my Taz5) and it’s giving me some growing pains.

I have been trying to print a Hilbert Cube as a calibration object for PVA and Esun ABS+. I’ve had good success with the ABS+ on the single extruder, and it made the lucky cat with no issues using the right side only of the new V3 Dual.

I was able to get the ABS+ dialed in pretty well on the right extruder, and get fairly good results (I think?) with the PVA on the left. It prints mostly cleanly, shows what great potential it has, but will not allow anything to stick to it when it is the ‘floor’ for the print. It’s been very frustrating.

Is there a method to give it more stickiness? I’ve burnt up over 1/3 of a roll now and this stuff aint cheap! :astonished: More than anything though I really want to play with more exotic geometry. I am using the built in setting for the polydissolve like what came with the dual printhead. I assume it was Esun, the package was branded Esun.

btw, what you’re seeing in the back of this picture is where the purge tower came off the bed and I improvised a wipe for the nozzles as they passed. It actually worked pretty well. I am making the tower wider to get it to stick better next time. I think I should investigate putting the wipe thingy that came with the printhead on my 5 somehow too.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do for this short of switching materials. PVA support material doesn’t stick much if at all to ABS.

If you switch from ABS to PLA you will find the experience to be much much better.

Here’s a link I found that has a nice chart of dual extrusion material compatibility.