PVA/ABS Dual Extrusion

I have be testing printing with ABS using PVA as the support material. However I am having issues where the ABS doesn’t want to stick to the PVA. I have the bed at 80°C, ABS nozzle at 235°C, and the PVA nozzle at 190°C. I set the interface layer to be solid in the hope that I would get a very nice overhang.

Any ideas? Also I have been fighting the oozing of the PVA. I added a retract which helped, but still would like to improve a little.

I’m having a difficult time with PVA also. It doesn’t extrude reliably, oozes horribly and doesn’t stick to painters tape very well (i’m also using PLA w/ PVA support). On a side note, I hate PLA, much rather use ABS, but customer wants what customer wants :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’m extruding the PVA at 205, which seemed to improve it some. Being a higher temp might improve adhesion to the ABS for you. I would guess that’s your problem. The PVA isn’t hot enough to bond with the ABS.

I will try 205°, I am really having issues getting the ABS to stick to the interface of the PVA, At this point the PVA is cooled. The ABS was pulling off the surface of the PVA and balling up. Using all Lulzbot filaments.

After doing some reading, PVA should not be extruded above 200C as it can solidify and be a huge pain to remove. 195C should be the top end of the heat range. Also suggest, not to leave PVA inside a hotend for extended period of time (waiting to be used), this can also cause it to solidify. It absorbs moisture easily, so dry it before use.