Extruder Fan blowing direction

Is the fan supposed to blow toward the hot end or away?


My brand new Taz 4 is blowing away from the hot end when I turn the fan on from the LCD panel. Has it been mounted the wrong way around?

My new TAZ 4 blows away as well.

I put the Lulzbot fan kit on my 2.1 and it blows toward the nozzle.

I thought mine was blowing away, it feels like it. It wasn’t. The fan was pointed correctly, and a small ribbon placed near the extruder confirmed it was blowing toward.

If the fan is ran high enough, it can create a bit of back pressure.

This happened to me too. The fan was blowing the right way but I felt back pressure so it felt like it was blowing in reverse. The way I confirmed it was blowing the right direction without taking the fan off was to watch it when switching it on and off and see what direction the blades were spinning when they were slow enough to see.

A standard electronics square fan always has air flow to the back, If you look at your fan, the back is the side with the bracket that holds the spinny bit in place. You want that bracket towards your hot end.

Ah, you are quite right. The back pressure made it feel like the fan was blowing the wrong way, but looking at the spin direction I can see it is working properly. Mia culpa!