Taz 1.0 Case Fan

Hi All,

So I booted up my taz this evening and noticed the case fan did not switch on. I ran a short print with a different fan pointed at the electronics case; every other part of the printer seems to be functioning fine.

I finished the print, powered it down and opened the case to look for a problem. Anyway, I unplugged the fan as the connection seemed to be loose, and now I can’t remember where the case fan was plugged into …

So the original problem could be a blown fuse, but can someone point out where on the board I need to plug the case fan into? What a silly problem…


In that picture, its the small pad labelled X38?, between the bottom right capacitor and the connector for T3.

The connector is labeled X30, but it’s really hard to tell.

If it doesn’t power on, reverse the polarity. If it still doesn’t work, let me know.


got it working fine. thanks. i figured that was the right connection but wanted to verify.

i may have spoke too soon. the fan only seems to be blowing air into the case, and not out. i’ve tried the connector both ways. it is supposed to blow out of the case, correct?

Fans are directional. they only flow air in from the front of the fan, out through the back. to change the direction of the fan, you must unmount and physically turn it. Swapping polarity will burn the motor out. It should be blowing cool air from outside the case into it under normal circumstances. The overpressure will force the warmer air out through the top vents. You can tell which part of the fan is the “back” by looking at where the bracket that holds the rotating piece of the fan is. that part should be on the rear of the fan, and air exhausts out the side with the bracket and is drawn in through the non bracketed venturi side.