Extruder fans not working and it's causing the motor to make a knocking sound from lack of cooling.

I’ve had the Taz for just over a week now. I’ve tried a variety of settings with Cura with no issues prior to this. The fans won’t turn on regardless of what settings in the machine or Cura I try. The motor starts making a knocking noise, and it also causes some Y axis banding. I’ve tried several things like different gcodes, restoring settings, and even just not having it on for awhile (this is torture btw.)

Here’s a Dropbox link to watch it in action, or lack of rather. Any help would be greatly appreciated - happy to answer any questions or provide more pictures.

The knocking sound is probably filament grinding due to an idler arm tension screw needing to be tightened. You want 8mm or less between the washers on either side of the springs. The barrel cooling fan, which should always be on, appears to be operational. The part cooling fans are either not enabled, set to too low a percentage to actually turn on (10% or 0%) or aren’t connected electrically. It’s more likely you have a setting incorrect. But if you just got your taz you are under warranty and can call support.