TAZ 6 Extruder on TAZ 5


I recently bought a TAZ 6 extruder for my TAZ 5.

Overall it is working great.

I have noticed though that the dual cooling fans dont really spin up until 30-40% speed. Is this normal? A firmware issue?


Be sure to download our latest version of Cura and update your firmware. We made a switch between fan suppliers, and will need the update for normal operation.

All and all, it should work pretty well with our existing profiles. Keep an eye out on that left fan during homing, as it can end up hitting your Z axis thumbscrew. (From our limited testing that is.)

If you have any feedback on the process, or any issues we would love to hear about it.


I have been using Sebastian’s linear advance firmware for some time - It makes for nicer prints! The compile settings are based on the older firmware from Lulzbot I believe.

So, if I were using the old Lulzbot firmware would 100% be the same as 100% on the new, or would the new crank it up even higher?

It seems that when the fans are over 90% the hot end has a hard time holding temps in the 230 range. Is this also a firmware issue?

Oh - I bent out the end-stop switch a tad, and the carrige clears nicely. Also, you have to adjust your build plate size in whatever slicer you are using because having bent the end stop switch you shift everything to the right 5 mm or so and the extruder can go beyond the build platform.


We have our commit log on the firmware, it may help in updating your current firmware version with the changes we made for the fan. You can find the details here: https://code.alephobjects.com/rMARLINc349de80df1409a7836cf9c46ae9b8dac50e029b

Hi Brent,

I have an unrelated question.

I updated to the latest official TAZ firmware with the most recent Cura.

I am finding that my hot end (on the TAZ 6 extruder I just got) won’t hold its temperature (225) with the fan over about 90%.

Any thoughts?


@225 you shouldn’t be seeing any temperature drop on the toolhead with the fan kicked on.

If you would like, you can run a PID autotune with the fan on if you are constantly keeping your fan that high: https://www.lulzbot.com/content/fine-tune-your-marlin-pid-settings

Be sure to do an M106 S230 in order to turn your fan on to 90% before running the M303 command.

We hope this helps, and let us know how it goes!

Thanks Brent,

Another question.

I have a TAZ 5. The fan speed issue still seems to be present even after doing a firmware reflash with the latest cura. The fan doesn’t spin up until 30-40%

Should I be running the TAZ 6 firmware?


If I remember correctly, most DC fans have trouble starting up under a specific voltage which differs for each model. since the fan speed is essentially controlled by voltage i can only assume the voltage for the old fan to spin up was lower and as a result the newer fans have issues - you could probably fix this from within your firmware config but I’m unsure how you would achieve that.

Be sure the side fans have a small lip on the upper inside corner of the outlet. The right fan cools the thermistor (old rev was aimed to high). I had this issue when I upgraded to the Taz 6 dual cooling fans.

Hi all, I noticed from the website store that the Taz 6 extruder (v2.1) is not compatible with previous versions of the Taz. However from the forum here seems like it works well. Any idea why this is so?

Here is the link to the item in the store:

The Taz 5 has a Z endstop target, the 6 doesn’t. you have to modify the left fan for clearance. Also you may need a pin adapter depending on which generation Taz 5 you have.


You don’t need to modify the left fan, all you need to do is bend the leaf spring on the end stop switch out a few mm.

My TAZ5 required no pin adapter, but you do have to remove the two guide pins on taz 5 plug.

The only real issue is that fans are a different brand and don’t spin up until 40% w the taz 5 firmware. You can’t run the 6 firmware because it has incompatibilities.

I’m using it, and it works fine keeping this in mind.

My only real concern is that the body of the mount is weaker than the taz5 extruder. It doesn’t have the nice 45deg braces on the left and right, and is more prone to bending.


Ah this was the key to getting my TAZ6 fan to work correctly with 1.1.4, too!