Extruder Stepper Vibrations


I’ve got a Taz5 and I’m experiencing lots of vibrations in the extruder motor, atleast it feels like it’s coming from there when I place my finger on it, Anyone had this issue before? Is it just a sign of the stepper motor coming to the end of it’s life or are there some settings?

Steppers, especially the Moons found in lulzbots, are pretty much going to outlive you, unless they get fried by improper wiring or overcurrent.

The stepper drivers though, they do die.

Swap wiring to see if the vibration follows the driver or motor.

I’ll give that a try! I just noticed it recently when I was printing TPU and turned all the speed way down, I did see on the internet that the motors don’t do well with low speed, that could be the issue too right?

Currently I was printing on 10mm/s

Low speed isn’t a problem. I’ve done kilometers of TPU at 5mm/s average.

Haha! Good answer!

The stepper drivers are on the main board right? Is there a way to replace them?

Yes, they’re on the stepper board. No, they’re not replaceable without some serious skill and a hot air rework station. The cost of labor and parts easily pays for a modern 32-bit board with replaceable silent stepper drivers (among other benefits).

Similar to the Archim board?

Not the Archim, that’s expensive.

More like SKR Turbo or BTT Octopus 1.1.

I’ll have a look at those! Was also looking into changing the extruder from E0 to E1 on the board, to make sure it’s the controller, after checking wiring like you suggested first.

Thanks for your help! I’ve seen a fair bit of your comments on the forums, appreciate the help!