Stepper Motor Vibration Dampers

I was wondering if anyone has tried the “3D Printer Motor & Vibration Dampers 3 Pack” like the ones from MatterHackers on their TAZ (or any printer for that matter). While I’m not seeing any real quality issues with my prints, I was wondering if I might obtain slightly cleaner prints with dampers installed on the steppers. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

Yes, on a Taz they really help on the Y axis, somewhat less on the X axis, they aren’t needed and will not fit on the extruder, and they are useless on the Z axis. There is a big thread on them in the mini section of the forum too.

Why are they useless on the Z? Pre Taz 6/Mini I could understand since the Z is really only used during layer increments (so very rarely used), but on the T6/Mini they are in constant use as part of the leveling. I get some pretty low frequencies coming out of my Z on the T6 as it’s making very minor adjustments throughout the entirety of the print.

It only moves a couple mm at most per layer. Adding them won’t hurt anything, but it probably won’t help anything either. The X and Y motors move quite a bit more per layer.