Farm options for lulzbot

I was hoping for one laptop to be able to connect to as many 3DPrinters independently as possible allowing more manufacturing via usb or other connections

Running multiple printers via USB isn’t a great idea. If the computer crashes or hangs, all of the prints are lost.

If you’re running a print farm, you run each independently (or via some fancy distributed print system) with something like an OctotPi or other SoC controller.

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That’s a reasonable response about usb farm unless we talk about wireless

This is a very poor justification. It’s trivial to run infrastructure that can get thousands of days of uptime and it’s far easier to put a single reliable machine on UPS than to obtain a bunch of reliable single board computers.

That lulzbot never chose to fix the always reset on connect (but Prusa did with basically the same board) or that the bastardized default slicer chooses to automatically connect to randomly open each com port without allowing you to select should not be a reason to say it’s silly to expect to be able to connect more than one printer to a single system.

There are many printer boards which do not reset when you connect to them and which you can upload to the SD card and then send gcode to start that print from the SD card… usually they come with cheaper equally capable printers.

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True I did not think of that except the workhorse because I have a taz workhorse & the sod does not work but usb is fine

When I visited the LulzBot factory in Loveland, CO (before they closed down and moved to Fargo, ND), they had a farm of LulzBot printers and they probably still have one.

You might send an email to either one (or more) of the addresses listed on and ask them how they connect to the printers and manage their farm.

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