How Do I Run Two Printers At The Same Time

Does anyone know how to run three prints at the same time on three different printers? I am currently using Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6.18. I have added the printers to the software but it seems its just choosing on the software but not going to that printer. For example, using my Taz 5 if I switch to my mini in the software, and try to connect to the mini in the monitor, it still moves the Taz 5 instead of my mini. Both printers are connected via USB and I can confirm both work with no problems on their own.

It should be mentioned that it seems like with all three of the printers connected to the PC at the same time I cannot get any of them to connect.

The goal here is that I want to be able to print three prints, at the same time, on three different printers.

I have done this before on the old Cura software, Cura 21.08, with no problems and up to three different printers running at the same time. I would imagine the new software would have the same capabilities. If there is any help that someone can give me it would be very appreciated. Thank you :smiley: .

Look for an option to set the printer port (something like ā€œ/dev/ttyACM0ā€). I use Pronterface, so Iā€™m not sure where this is in Cura, but this definitely should be possible.